Blockchain and Bitcoin Intensive preview

Blockchain and Bitcoin Intensive

Blockchain and Bitcoin Intensive

About Course:

This ONLINE on-demand course in a deeper look at the concepts that have been previously covered in the foundations course. Look under the hood and really get to grips with how the mining works and the bitcoin world. Get a deep and thorough understanding of the concepts that underpin how the world of blockchain works. Look at use cases in detail, really understand how they work and why they work. Learn about new concepts like the DAO and why this is something that has huge implications for the world.


Module 1: Bitcoin Concepts 

  • Origins of Blockchain
  • Cryptography
  • Software and networks
  • Mining & Proof of Work 

Module 2: Technical Bitcoin Limitations 

  • Proof of work
  • Network and Hardware
  • Transaction throughput, volumes and block size.

Module 3: Bitcoin Limitations

  • Mining and Incentivizing
  • Merchant Acceptance
  • Price volatility
  • Mining costs

Module 4: From Blockchain V1 to Blockchain V2 

  • Ethereum
  • Proof Stake and Authority
  • Smart Contracts and  Sidechains

Module 5: Blockchain as the New Database 

  • Decentralized Consensus
  • The blockchain and blockchain services
  • Smart Contracts and  Smart Property

Module 6: Blockchain  V2 Use Cases

  • Payments
  • Colored Coins and Digital Assets
  • Identity
  • Smart Contacts, voting, land registry and Trade Finance

Module 7: Preparing your firm for Blockchain 

  • Technology
  • Private vs Public Blockchain
  • Sidechains
  • BaaS—Blockchain as a  Service
  • Decentralized applications and smart contracts
  • Barriers to blockchain adoption
  • Industry collaboration
  • Creating a blockchain ecosystem


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